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Literary School Textbooks as Peace Agents

Changes and Diversity of Peace Education Perspectives in Israel

By Sara Zamir
Any Educational System considering imparting the heritage of the past as a target, while preparing the individual for future society. Therefore, it seems as if there is nothing more natural than educating towards the value of peace, which unifies both past and future: the value of peace is not only rooted within the scriptures but it is also an inseparable part of the aspiration for a better future. Dr. Sara Zamir received her Ph.D degree in Administration and Policy of Education from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She currently serves as the Head of the B.Ed. – Educational Administration program, at Achva Academic College of Education and teaches at Ben-Gurion University at Eilat. She participates in international academic conferences and publishes articles in the fields of peace education, political socialization, communication and educational evaluation.
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