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Social, Cultural, and Clinical Aspects of the Ethiopian Immigran

By Edited by: Eliezer Witztum, Nimrod Grisaru

This book is intended for professionals and educated readers interested in expanding their knowledge of Ethiopian culture and society. It represents a landmark in the area of intercultural relations, another stage in the attempt to understand the complex and unique culture, customs and beliefs of Ethiopian immigrants. 

The editors' goal is to provide both professionals, who deal with members of the Ethiopian community, and non-professionals, who wish to become more familiar with them, a readable and intelligible book comprising the most updated and comprehensive clinical and research information. These 20 chapters present the findings of research projects and clinical trials carried out over many years that illustrate various rich, beautiful, ancient and authentic social, cultural and clinical aspects. 

The book offers fundamental information related to their ancient history and the hardships they endured during the migration trek, in the transit camps in Ethiopia and in the Israeli absorption centers. It gives the readers rare insight into the inner world of an integrated, 'veteran' immigrant, one who has become a citizen of the State of Israel; he gives a first-person account of his harsh experiences en route to the "Promised Land" and of his personal absorption crisis and its significance. 

Certain chapters in this book are dedicated to specific topics, such as: supernatural beliefs (e.g., zar phenomena); unique expressions of grief and trauma; family dysfunction, marital conflicts and violence; key norms related to antisocial behavior among Ethiopian youth; suicidal behaviors and substance abuse—while placing them in a culturally-sensitive context for better interpretation and assessment. 

This edition includes a new, extensive introduction on the history of Ethiopian Jewry. We have also added 2 new chapters (not found in the prior Hebrew edition) that deal with somatization and culture-bound syndromes.

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