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Theosophical Appropriations

Esotericism, Kabbalah and the Transformation of Traditions

By מאת Editors: Julie Chajes, Boaz Huss

The thirteen chapters of this volume examine intersections between theosophical thought and areas as diverse as the arts, literature, scholarship, politics, and, especially, modern interpretations of Judaism and kabbalah.  Each chapter offers a case study in theosophical appropriations of a different type and in different context.  The chapters join together to reveal congruencies between theosophical ideas and a wide range of contemporaneous intellectual, cultural, religious, and political currents.  They demonstrate the far-reaching influence of the theosophical movement worldwide from the late-nineteenth century to the present day.


Contributors: Karl Baier, Julie Chajes, John Patrick Deveney, Victoria Ferentinou, Olav Hammer, Boaz Huss, Massimo Introvigne, Andreas Kilcher, Eugene Kuzmin, Shimon Lev, Isaac Lubelsky, Tomer Persico, Helmut Zander.

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