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Historical Writing and Literary Devices

By Isaac Kalimi
Because of its well-organized and thorough documentation, this is a very impressive piece of work. The fact that its approach is so straightforward enhances its value while making it all the more remarkable that no one has done this before. In so doing, the author displays a remarkable breadth of learning, using linguistic, historical, and literary insights to address a fundamental issue of biblical scholarship. Whatever one makes of his individual conclusions, they are valuable and their presentation straightforward. This book will be of immense value for both the data it marshals and the conclusions that it is able to reach from them. Readers who take the effort to work through the meticulous details that are gathered in both the text and the notes of this book will be rewarded many times over." -- Frederick E. Greenspahn, University of Denver in Review of Biblical Literature, 04/2004. " is hard for me to imagine a scholar of Chronicles who will have no use for the book, or who can “safely ignore it.” In fact, this is a major contribution to the study of Chronicles and Kalimi is to be congratulated for his achievement." -- Ehud Ben Zvi, University of Alberta in Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, Volume 4 (2002-2003). "Professor Isaac Kalimi, an outstanding Biblical scholar who has already published several books in English, Hebrew and German as well as numerous articles on Biblical themes and early Judaism, is probably the most prominent expert in the interpretation of the Book of Chronicles; and no study of this work would be adequate without constant reference to the results of his research in this field."-- Moses Aberbach, Baltimore Hebrew University, in Revue Biblique, 2001
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